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19 December
I'm incredibly similar to other people. The only thing that really makes me unique is the combination of things I like.
Like many other people, I often enjoy doing things. Sometimes these things are just sitting in my room playing through a dungeon in Zelda, other times it's going for a walk just as the moon starts to come up. There was once a time in my life when I hadn't played any Phoenix Wright, and I can't even imagine how sad it must have been. So basically, I play some video games, read some books, watch some telly, and every now and again eat some food. Nothing all that interesting, eh? How surprising.
Either way, I don't update this as much as I should. Psych is a quality program,and if you want to find me other places... uh, why?

However, I will say this much: my tag on live is phoenix trite, and I kind of suck at Halo. But I am quite good at Prince of Persia.