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Ashley Graham is heralded by many to be one of the most annoying video game characters of all time. If a person has played Resident Evil 4, the odds are fairly high that they also have formed a dislike active enough that they feel the need to give voice to its existence. People complain about Ashley a lot. They complain about her calling for help. But do they want to to remain silent while she is attacked, leaving you clueless and leaving her dead? I am certain that people would be greatly frustrated if they had to keep replaying an area of a game because they weren't being made aware of their precious cargo's imminent demise.
  People also complain about how "useless" Ashley is. In case you've never played the game, allow me to inform you of a couple of things. You play as Leon S. Kennedy, an agent who has been sent to rescue the President's kidnapped daughter, Ashley. You are competent, and experienced in ways no one would desire to be. Ashley Graham is a 20-year-old college student.
  To be honest, I'm kind of done being so formal with this. It's after 12, and I have to do enough formal writing as it is. The point is, you were sent to rescue a 20-year-old college student. How many individuals fitting that description do you know of that could defend themselves from hordes of villagers and cultists?  Certainly, if Ashley were able to do such a thing, there would have been no need to send Leon.
Ugh. I just get so freaking tired of people hating Ashley for such bad reasons. Yeah, she doesn't help you fight. Yeah, she calls for help when she's being attacked. Yeah, you have to defend her.  But so what? That's your fucking job you sorry sack of shit auiasfusoidfuosuf Excuse me. I will say this for my parting statement of this subject:  it is not difficult to defend Ashley. If you are at all competent in your gaming, she'll maybe die two or three times in the course of a playthrough.  So just because you're a shitty individual who has not yet learned how to hold a controller, that doesn't make a video game character a terrible person.  SHE"S FRICKIN TWENTY YEARS OLD WHAT TH FRICK DO YOU EXPECT omg ok

  Part of me wants to launch into a rant about Ashley Williams now. I'm feelin' pretty defensive of Ashley's right now. However, my bed is calling, as are the books that sit on top of it. As are my pajamas.

 Dani bought stringed lights, white ones.  We hung them along the ceiling, and they are quite lovely.  They don't give off a whole lot of light, but it's enough to feel quite cozy, and enough to read by - though you probably shouldn't for long.  Very soon I will post this, change into pajamas, and climb up onto my bed.  It's late and I should go to sleep, but maybe I'll do a bit of reading.  I do need to get homework done.  I wasn't good at that today.  I played Mass Effect 2, watched cutscenes of Deadpool, and looked at cute pictures of Nicki Minaj.  I updated my twitter and listened to audio clips from Mass Effect 3's Citadel DLC.
I adore the Citadel DLC. It is like home. It makes me feel cozy and comfortable and sad and happy and I...
I... hurt.  My stomach hurts a little.  Maybe I'll go to bed sooner than expected.

Hopefully I'll give this a proper update soon, with information and all that good stuff.  Not for anyone else's (spellcheck tells me this is wrong but idk how to fix it, sorry) benefit, but just for mine.  You know.  I'm pretty self-centered and all that.

I'm not sure what I'm doing here.

Here, in front of my computer when I should be doing homework.  Here, writing a post on my journal that I haven't touched in nearly two years.  Here, alone in my room listening to jazz and sipping on hot lemon tea that is a little too strong.  Here, at a college hundreds of miles away from home - a home that now belongs to someone else.  Here on this planet, here in this galaxy, here in this universe, here in this simulation.  I'm just not sure what I'm doing in this plain of existence.

  I guess I kind of just wanted to write something and post it somewhere.  I didn't feel like starting a new blog, because I'd spend too much time trying to make it look less shitty, and never actually get around to writing anything.  But the more I think about it, the more appealing it is.  Maybe I'll do it... Some other time.

  Anyway, here I am.  And after looking through a few old posts and generally getting distracted, I find myself quite unsure of my original intent in writing here.  I have no idea of what I wanted to saaaaaaaaaayyyyyy no wait I might have it
ok, yep i got it yo look i just started writing really badly oops i'll stop
I was trying to write out a new "about me" on facebook.  Not that anyone reads them, I just like changing them up every now and again.  What follows is what I have written so far.

"I am one of the most boring, horrible, self-centered people you might ever meet. The only reason you should ever spend time around me is if you need help remembering that you're better than other people. You should probably delete me from all forms of social media, and begin work on deleting me from your life."

I find myself quite unsure of whether or not this should be saved and made public.  As I said, I really don't think anyone reads those things.  However, I think... Words that I say can often be misinterpreted.  I don't think this would be a great one to have floating around, open to anyone's particular way of viewing things.

Either way, I think I kind of came here to thoughtsbarf.  But again, I'm not quite sure of what about.  I guess I'll just start and we'll see where it goes??  Also, sorry.  For being the first post in two years, this sure is a bad one.  I might try and do an actual update at some point, but we'll see.

Actually, yopes.  I'm gonna do this in a new post.  That'll be a little less ugly, I think.

wait was i playing mass effect then omG I THINK I MIGHT"VE BEEN ABOUIT TO START MASS EFFECT that's incredible ok bye

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Happy December, eh?!  Man oh man, I'm excited.
Well... pretty much as excited as I get, I guess.  I'm pleased.
... I don't know, dude.  I don't get excited about stuff.  I'm never surprised (though I am easily startled).  SOME EMOTIONS JUST DON'T WORK IN ME, OOPS.

Either way, I am pleased that December is here.  Although Spring is my favourite season (with Autumn in a close second!), December is my favourite month.  GEE I DO WONDER WHY THAT IS.
I don't really have a whole lot to say.  I've started listening to Christmas music, and I got three Christmas presents (for other people, naturally) today.  When I got home from work I started making paper chains, which is pretty pointless, but fun.

... So, I guess I'll get back to that.  Like I said, I've really got nothing to say.  Ah well.

oh hi there

oh, I don't know. I'm just not interesting!
paint swatches are really fun to me. I love looking at them, and planning out how I'm going to paint a room.  my favourites are the peel 'n' place ones... though they come in less colours. I just want to stick colours on my wall!  *sigh*

I got paid today, so I kind of want to buy stuff... however, I've decided I shouldn't be spending money on myself right now (which is hard, especially with the news about Community), which means ~~Christmas shopping~~!  HOWEVER!!!  I don't think I ought to do Christmas shopping until after Thanksgiving.  Because I cannot allow myself to feel Christmas-y until it's over, because that would be a sin!!!   So one would think that maybe I'd just do my shopping on Cyber Monday... but even then... is the stuff I'm going to be getting even going to be on sale?  PROBABLY NOT.  Ah well. Maybe... I don't know. OH WELL OH WELL
this is sure kind of like a thoughtsbarf
but HEY what are journals for? dumb stuff like this, I'm sure.
... remember when Natalie was on that 'no capitalization!!!!!!!!' thing?  that was fun.
i'll go remind her about that.

ok this has been an entry

matt sunburn

You know what was a long time ago?  March 16.  I've always been bad about updating this, but really?  Three days short of seven months.

Ah, well.
I always feel as though nothing at all has happened in my life to write about, but I also know that's not true.
I suppose, for starters, I have a job now.  I yell at kids and tell them to get napkins for a few hours a day.  Actually, tomorrow we're taking them to the pumpkin patch, which could be fun.  However, that means having to go into work around 9:30... ew.  Now, I'm completely aware that many people have to go to work earlier than that, blah blah blah... I am not them.  I start work at 3 in the afternoon or so.  I'm also not very good with going to be early (I've been trying to work on that... though clearly not tonight), so I often sleep in a bit late... point being, hi there, I have a job!  Which, as a note, I get paid for... tomorrow.  So that's just a wee bit exciting. :3

Nate's going to be coming home for Autumn break tomorrow, which is also exciting.  Hopefully we'll get to watch some Suits together, along with doing other things (making soft pretzels!).

I've acquired a couple nephews this year, but kind of whatever.  I mean, not really, but... I just don't really want to get into it.  Basically put, they're babies.

I don't really know... however, there is a post from 2010 on the first page of my blog.  That is gross and wrong, and I am truly sorry for that wrongdoing.  I honestly shall try to do better, and probably will... for at least a few days.

Other things that happened this year... I worked at camp again; think that went fine.  It's a bit hard to remember, you know?  It being a few months ago and all.
  I did go to Lifelight again this year, although it was just Amber, Nate and me.  Still an incredibly enjoyable time, and I actually got to see Relient K preform, which has kind of been a dream of mine since I discovered music.  They were really good, and so much like themselves... it was nice.  The only problem was the dumb people in front of me, but cest la concerts.  Saw House of Heroes again, and that was a nice time... in a way that I didn't exactly expect, but oh well.  Abandon Kansas was the New to Me band this year... got to see them twice, and they were just great.  Did some covers, which were fun.  I was enjoying their set pretty well, and then they did Franz Ferdinand's Take Me Out... yeah, that pretty much sold it.  The last song they did of the night was Stayin' Alive... I can't even really describe how awesome that was.  It was just a ton of fun.

So, yeah.  That's kind of all... and by kind of, I mean hardly at all, but at the same time, all of it would be BOOOORING so be glad I didn't do it all, then~

For the first time in my life, this year I played it and OH SWEET JUSTICE I LOVED IT AT FIRST PLAY so so so so good. FOR REALLYS~


wait i lied
i am not finished
TONIGHT WAS THE SEASON PREMIER OF PSYCH and it was goooood.  So good.  SO MANY GOOD THINGS ABOUT IT.  I just love that show so much, you know? cry cry cry.  I actually, for the first time ever, used a live stream.  It was kind of... bad to be honest.  Bad quality, and with our  INTERNET... yeah.  But it was really nice to watch it as it was on, esp. for the premier.  Probably won't do it next week, but it's kind of nice to have the option.  And just a couple hours after it was over, it was up for downloading, so I did that... and watched it again. GOSH the quality was waaayyy better, and it was kind of shocking the things that I'd missed... but even knowing where the pineapple was, I didn't see it either time.  Too engrossed in the story to even think of it!
but yeah it was good
i end these things really badly

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here is a short and boring post.

last night i saw an advert for Chaos, which was incredibly exciting.  i nearly fell off the couch. APRIL FIRST.

also, the computer has crashed twice this morning. gee, that's funking nice.

things and stuff alright yes.
I was going to go to bed, but I was upstairs and I just kept thinking about how nice today was, and I decided that I should blog about it while it is still fresh in my mind.
So here I am, typing this up on wordpad, and then I'll pop it onto livejournal tomorrow when I've got a bit more time to pee around.

Basically, Ellen and I saw I Am Number Four today.  I really enjoyed it.  Alex Pettyfer was totally convincing (to me, at least) as an American. There was only one point, at the beginning of the movie, where I thought 'oh yeah! he's english!'
I Am Number Four... basically, it's just fun and I don't even know how to properly describe it.  It's a very... attractive movie hurrhurrhurr seriously there are so many good looking people in it, it's unreal~~~~~
Jake Abel~~~~~~~~~~ I totes magotes did not know he was in it and SWEET BABY MOSES he is just as nice looking as ever
just lying he's way better looking than ever asdfjasdlfjkasd fjk he is fiiiine~~~
Also Alex Pettyfer and Callan McAuliffe (who is apparently younger than me?!fdjasklfjasdl;fjlasdjf my life has changed) and Timothy Olyphant and yummmmy~~
so yeah.
That's my basic thought on the movie.  I liked it and it was good looking hurr hurr
I think I'll read the books
after I've seen all the movies.  I really liked the movie and I think I want to wait until the series finishes to read the books. OK? OK.
  I'm so glad Alex is finally getting a chance to be big.  I think now that he's older, and now that he's in more american movies, it'll just happen. He's so good-looking, how can it not?  :`D

So yeah that was very nice
The soundtrack was at times kind of like Lorna Doone trollololololol

So then we did some other things and stuff
But we went to cd warehouse where I got 'Lost In Translation' which has Giovanni~~~~ my one (of 235892457134561056104) true love~~~ in it.  Also I got a Tears for Fears album and behind the counter I saw ~~~ HOUSE OF HEROES~~~ one i didn't have, so I got that! :DDDD just such a nice day full of nice things and I am so pleased and everyone is attractive and nothing hurts
now to go to bed, aka listen to cds and watch movies.

Well, writing on the 2nd really worked out.

Primeval's been good.  It's...  there are definitely things that are different about it, obviously.  But it's still very much Primeval-y.  I miss Con and Abs living together, and I clearly miss Danny (asjdf;alsfj so excited for him to come back!), and certain current things confuse me, such as:  they don't use the handheld anomaly detectors anymore.  It's not a big deal or anything, I just wonder about it.  At least they're still using Con's locking device.
  I also miss Rex living with Abs and Con.  Although I realize that since they're living with Jess now she'd probably not agree to it, seeing as she's suddenly gotten this weird conscience.
And, of course, Sid and Nancy!  I absolutely have not forgotten them.  They haven't been shown yet, and they've made no mention of them, which is a bit odd seeing as I'm pretty sure Abby and Connor would be wondering where they are.  My suspicion / belief / hope is that Lester has them.  I mean, they lived with him for a time, and it just seems like the kind of thing he's secretly do!  I really hope I'm right about that, because seriously... that would be just about the cutest thing in all of ever.
  Also regarding Lester:  THE HUGS.  There's just such a sweetness to them, and it makes me all asfjasl;kfj;arioasjdf inside.  =u=
   Quite excited to see Jenny come back, and, as before mentioned, Danny.  I mean, I loved Cutter.  If I hadn't... I would just be weird.  But Danny, oh jeesh.  Danny was a perfect 'replacement'.   DANNY IS JUST SO PERFECT OK.
Though he looks pretty bad after hanging out with his ancestors, really.  Like, mullet bad.  D:

In regards to the things I said I'd be posting about...  well, I'll try sometime, probably maybe. D:

I AM SO HORRIBLE, 2010 PART 1/2 OF 3ISH, NAAAARNNNNNIA, and a kind of vauge general update.
does not approve



I feel as though I should attempt to write up some intelligent retrospective of my year, but the fact is that I lead quite the dull life and such a thing would probably consist of two sentences, such as:
i w3nt 2 a my00ze c0nc3rt and gurl it was gud, i got sum kewl stuff th3re 2.
also i like a lot of men and things.

So, somewhat disappointingly, I'm not going to bother with such a thing (except that I just did, but that's not terribly relevant).
I will attempt to put a bit of a few things together to post about and the such, certain events or things that happened in the year.
or something, I don't know whatever.

alrihgtasldjf so uhm i am not smart and i am sorry for that.

Tonight mum and dad took Nat and me to see The  Voyage of the Dawn Treader and although there were a couple things that bothered me about it, I did like it.  Also, HURRGH shh nevermind.
So, yeah.  I... liked it and this has been an intelligent review, thank you.

I have been waiting so long for this and I am so excited, I don't even know how to put it into words.  I love Primeval.

also some things are happening i guess
and i don't like them
and i'm a little tired of being so great, i'm thinking of becoming a rebellious child
but i'm too nice, i can't help being nice... :(  life sure is horrid!

alrighty then, i'm going to end this horrible thing now.
i really hope to be able to post tomorrow, and have it be more smarter and stuff and alright?
i'm sorry i'm horrible whatever i'm soooo gawgess so eets ok

I've been horrible at updating.  It seems like I'm almost always horrible at updating most anything.  I just... don't know.  I was about to say that I'd update if something eventful happened, but then I realized I'd not written about seeing Muse, so that excuse kind of drowned... oh well.
  Regarding Muse, to put it quite simply, HHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRNNNNNGGGGGGHHHHHHH.  HUPHUPHUP HNNG  it was surreal.  It was just ridiculous. IT WAS JUST SOOOOO GOOOD and they did Time is Running Out and Plug In Baby and stuff and other stuff and yuhhhhhhhhh.  I was able to get a really sweet tour shirt, and it's super weird 'cause it's like I WAS THERE I WAS ACTUALLY THERE.  
Yeah.  It was good.


  Natalie's back for the weekend; midterm break or something like that.  It's... not very weird at all, really.  It's nice.  She's playing Soul Blazer (oh the shock) and I'm typing this up in the living room on her laptop.  Which is basically why I'm updating in the first place, because I can do it in here.
I sometimes really think... about things.  I don't know.  I can't wait to be able to basically do what I want... which will probably be never.  How great.
Either way, yeah.  Youth is wasted on the young and money is wasted on the old.



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